VIDEO_ Strength Training Routine 1 for runners

Introducing our first strength training video for runners

At House of Running, we aim to develop the whole runner. We want our runners to be well-rounded athletes and this means that when it comes to running as a sport, there’s so much more to it than just running.

Strength training is one important piece of the whole. It’s part of our training as runners, as is running, rest, and mental training.

In our minds, running and strength training go together. One without the other is only doing part of the job to develop as a runner.

A regular strength routine can help you:

  • Become a well-rounded runner,
  • Find more ease while running,
  • Minimizing risk of injury,
  • Maximizing progress,
  • Improve speed,
  • Maximize enjoyment,
  • Improve your posture.

Because we believe it’s essential in so many ways, we created this strength training video for our runners. It’s easy to do after a run and can be done at home with minimal equipment or space, or while traveling. Our team member Sara demonstrates this in the video by doing the workout in a home setting.

I particularly like this workout as I can easily carry a mini-band in my pocket while running and then do my exercises outdoors, just after my run. You can also follow along by viewing the video on your phone. Easy peasy.

Strength Training Routine 1 – 25 Minutes

This strength training routine is meant to complement your running. It’s designed to develop your strength, mobility and stability, while working to even out potential muscular imbalances between our right and left sides. The workout is 25 minutes long and we¬†recommend following it 2 to 4 times a week and after your shorter, easier runs.

If you already feel fatigued or depleted from your run, we say skip this workout that day. We don’t advise doing this strength training routine with fatigued muscles.

This program can also be done on a non-running day after a proper warm up. However, we recommend rest days in your training week and ideally, we suggest keeping strength workouts for training days and rest for rest days.

This workout uses mini-bands and bodyweight. It is also possible to do this workout without mini-bands if you do not have them. Starting out, you might also give it a go without mini-bands if that suits your current fitness level, then add them later to take it up a notch.

To make this workout more of a challenge, or to take it up a notch as you progress, I recommend using stronger mini-bands. You can easily find them online, such as here on Amazon or here at

If you have questions about modifying this workout to make it more or less of a challenge, please post them in our House of Running Community Facebook group. We’d be happy to help you there. Enjoy!