It’s never about the finish line.

It’s about every step you took to get there.

Encouragement to show up when you’d rather sleep in…just this once.

Motivation mid-training when you’re eyeing the nearest bench.

Sharing laughter over heaping bowls of pre-race risotto.

And friends who celebrate every milestone along the way — no matter how big or small.

Because we believe every goal is worthwhile.


For every runner who’s tired of doing it alone, tired of getting injured or reached the ever-dreaded “plateau” 

We’ve been there & we can help.

For every runner looking to reach the next level with their first 10K, half or full marathon  

We’ll break it down so it’s not so scary & oh so fun.


For every runner who’s training for their next big distance & knows the value of a supportive team & structured training program 

We’ve got you covered.

Calling all runners (& aspiring runners) who love an international vibe, a supportive community & taking on new & exciting challenges 

This is YOUR group.

“Without doubt House of Running has helped with my success, and having a better programme than the free apps I was trying to use before. The group works for the same reason that personal training works it’s much harder to break a promise you have made to other people, than it is to break a promise to yourself. Running with a group makes you realise that everyone has a different natural pace, and faster isnt necessarily better – age, environment, health all have a part to play.”

Bryony – UK

“Before I joined, the longest run I ever did was 12 kilometers. I used to think that was already unbelievable. Nowadays I say things like, ‘only 12 kilometers, that’s nothing!’ While with House of Running, I ran my first FULL marathon! I’ve now run 3. I couldn’t have done any of it alone! I have learned a lot from the amazing coaches and experienced runners who are members of the group. I am looking forward to each new season, new challenges and new medals.”

Anna – Poland

Find Your Perfect Program

We’ve got training programs for every level.

Every program includes:


Peer support

An amazing community of supportive runners just like you from all walks of life, all levels of fitness & all corners of the globe.



Weekly group training sessions with others, at your pace. You’re not in it alone. Together we can go so much farther.


Discounts on gear

15% discount on running gear at All4Running.


Easy-to-follow training plans

Structured training plans designed to help you achieve your running goals… safely. Accessible and doable from anywhere in the world.


Online Community

A members-only online community where we can chat, get to know one another, get coach or peer support & yes, totally nerd-out about running.


Coach guidance

Online & in-person access to experienced coaches who can answer your fitness & nutrition questions & help motivate you towards whatever goal you’ve set.

Click on the programs below to get the details and find the right one for you.

Walk to Run Workshop

For every soon-to-be runner who only runs to catch a bus, who dreams of getting fit but can’t bear the thought of dragging yourself to the gym every morning, who wants to be a runner without the achy knees, burning lungs & blistered toes that seem to happen 10 min from your door

— You’re in the right place.

We’ll give you a few tricks so you can learn to run with ease and to gain strength, stamina & muscle tone to make running (& everything else) so much easier. Learn to breathe & even talk while running. Reduce the chance of common beginner injuries. Learn to run in any weather & make new friendships.

Start Dates: Email us for future dates

Duration: 2 hours

Location: 10:30 Sunday – Vondelpark – All4Running, Amstelveenseweg 130

Membership Fee: € 49

*This program requires a minimum of 10 participants.

Feelgood 5K Training Program

You may not be ready to call yourself a runner…yet. But we think once you learn to run 5K and still feel good at the end, you’ll warm up to the idea.

For every runner (or aspiring runner) who wants to run 5K with the support of a team. 

You’ll get fitter, faster & stronger than ever. You’ll improve your fitness & muscle tone but more importantly, you’ll improve your confidence. You might even start to LOVE your morning run (move over crossfit). We’ll help you reduce injuries & give you the best tips for running & nutrition, all with the expert guidance of our coaches so you can accomplish 5K and still feel great.

This program is well-suited for complete beginners or those who have been out of the game for a while and are ready to start running again. Please note, it replaces our previous Walk to Run training program, and is a perfect next-step for those who participate in our new Walk to Run Workshop and want to up their game and start training with a group.

Start Dates:  Please email us for future dates

Duration: 20 weeks

Locations & Time: 19:30 on Tuesday – Vondelpark – All4Running – Amstelveenseweg 130 Amsterdam

Membership Fee: € 219

*This program requires a minimum of 10 participants.

“I’m super happy. I never thought I’d actually start liking running. I was not allowed to run as a kid and subsequently never ran more than 1 kilometer in my life. Now I can do 5! So I’d say House of Running definitely works!”  Jana – Czech Republic 

Feelgood 10K Training Program

Maybe this is your first 10K and it feels a little daunting to go twice as far as your favourite 5K route.  Or maybe you want to train for a race in support of your favourite charity…& you’d really like to cross the finish line without being a heaving. hot. mess.

We’ll get you there with expert coaching, an inspiring community of fellow runners & a structured training program that will help you revel in the challenge.

Learn more about running, nutrition & injury prevention as you stretch your limits and push past old boundaries.  Connect with our international community of runners who make every training program so much fun sharing wisdom & laughter during each run.

Start Dates: Email us for future dates

Duration: 20 weeks

Location & Time:  19:30 on Monday – Vondelpark – All4Running – Amstelveenseweg 130 Amsterdam

Membership Fee: € 219 

“I thought I’d end up giving up. But now I can run 10K nonstop!!! Running together makes us stronger. Sometimes you think of giving up but having someone next to you, sharing your pace, really encourages you to move on. I would recommend this program to everyone who likes running or wants to start. You guys rock!” – Luli, Brazil

10-Mile (& Dam tot Dam) Training Program

Learn to run 10-miles (that’s 16km) regardless of your speed or race experience.  You’ll get to train at your own pace so no more excuses like, “I’m too slow, I’ll hold everyone up.”

If you want to still have fun while safely training for a distance event, then you’re in the right place.

Our expert coaches will design a training schedule to get you to your goal. We also give talks on running-related topics like nutrition, injury prevention, cross-training & others.  And we have pasta parties, victory parties, race-day support, special destination runs & more just to keep things fun.

Start Dates: Though we are taking a break this 2018 Winter season, please check back to see what’s coming in Spring 2019!

Duration: 20 or 21 weeks

Location & Time:  09:30 Saturday All4Running Amstelveenseweg 130 Amsterdam & optional 19:15 on Tuesday session in Vondelpark (fall/winter) or Amsterdamse Bos (summer/spring)

Regular Registration Fee: € 219

“The feeling of crossing the finish line with all the people cheering you on, meeting your friends and sharing the experience with them has no price.  Alfredo, Spanish

Full & Half Marathon Training Program

You’re ready to take on your first full or ½ marathon.  You can’t wait to start training, it’s exciting…and a little scary, which is why you know training with a group will help your journey be that much more fun.

Or maybe you’re a marathon veteran & you already KNOW the value of an awesome community for support, accountability and fun.  But the serious, ultra-competitive vibe that other running communities have – just isn’t for you.

Whether this is your first or your 40th marathon – we’re so glad you found us.

You’ll get expert coaching, an incredible international community of inspiring runners.  A training schedule to get you in top shape including hill training & interval training sessions.  And pasta parties, victory parties, race-day support & destination runs to keep it fun while you reach for your personal best.

Start Date: Though we are taking a break this 2018 Winter season, please check back to see what’s coming in Spring 2019!

Duration: 20 or 21 weeks

Location & Time:  09:30 Saturday All4Running Amstelveenseweg 130 Amsterdam & optional 19:15 Tuesday session in Vondelpark (fall/winter) or Amsterdamse Bos (summer/spring)

Regular Registration Fee: € 219 

“I find this group amazing is because it is  extremely inclusive: any level can join, no need to be a good runner, no strong competition but a good feeling of solidarity and support. You feel inspired and motivated to do more.”   Chiara, Italian

It takes many steps to achieve your goals.

But it only takes one step to begin.

Sara’s proudest moment is “…each time I put on my shoes & get out & run, not because I have to but because I want to.”

David learned this during his first marathon when he got a cramp in his back at km 31 but his determination & training refused to allow him to give up.  He finished the race, exhausted, sore & triumphant.


We know you’ve got some burning questions.  Here are some of the most common ones we get asked.  If yours didn’t make our list please email us & ask.

When are your training seasons?
We run all year round.  Our main long distance programs run from November to April & May to October.  Our shorter distance and beginner programs run year round.  For specific dates, scroll up the page to see details for the individual program you’re interested in, or email us.
I’d love to join but I’m often unavailable for the group training sessions. Do you have the option to drop in from time to time and pay per session?

We don’t have a pay-per-session option. Most of our members aren’t available to join us every week and we’ve adjusted the membership fee accordingly. Our members are active professionals, parents, travelers, doers…  If they’re not traveling abroad or tending to family commitments, they might be off on a trail run or another local running event.

Our members attend group training when they’re in town and available. Because we have such a large membership, it works — there’s always a nice friendly crowd to run with any week, at your pace.  

If you paid per session to join us twice a week for a 20-week training season, the total price would be €600 — and that’s just for the group training sessions.  You also get an online community and coaching — valued at €200 — for connecting with other runners between sessions, a training schedule to follow wherever you are, and online access to professional coaches for motivation and advice throughout the training season. In addition, you’ll make friendships with like-minded runners, get group support, accountability, and extra motivation and inspiration to stick with it and get to your goals (and surprise yourself with what you can achieve!).

The friendships you’ll make, the support you’ll get, and the triumph you feel after crossing the finish line strong — after 20 weeks of hard work — that’s priceless. But we’ve valued it at all at €600.  And because we know our members can’t join us all the time, we reduced the membership fee to 1/3 the price. We think it’s a great value and our members do too as they keep signing up again and again, season after season.   

Your training program has already started. Can I still join?

You can join any time during the first two weeks of a training program.  We also welcome new members at any point during the season but ask that you email us first at Tell us a bit about your running experience & level of fitness, and we can help you decide which of our programs suit you best!

I’ve noticed there are free running clubs around. How are you different from the other groups I’ve found?

What makes House of Running truly extraordinary is the supportive, international community of runners who come back season after season.  It’s our members who are committed to showing up, sharing their knowledge, having fun & creating the open, welcoming atmosphere that truly sets us apart.

We also have top notch coaches. Our coaches are experts. This is our passion & our life’s work, not just a side hustle we do in our spare time.  Sure, we’re experienced marathoners but we’re also health coaches, well-schooled in nutrition, biomechanics, strength training & other specialities.

We study running around the world, stay up to date with the latest running science & constantly upgrade our knowledge.

We also believe that when you choose to make an investment in something, whether it’s at work, at home or in your running community, you’re more committed.  You show up more often, and you build an incredible community of like-minded people ready to offer support for one another.

What days does your group train?
We typically have groups training on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. In addition, we offer a rotation of training programs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year. Please email us at or click here to see what’s happening when.
What can I expect at a group training session?

Full & Half Marathon & Dam tot Dam Training Programs

We have three types of group training sessions that we do throughout the season.  Our Saturday sessions start with a short coach talk or Q&A and are mostly long-distance endurance training runs, done together with your pace group leader and other runners in your pace group.  Tuesdays are reserved for group interval training & hill training sessions. These sessions help build fitness, strength and speed so you can get to your goal safely and confidently.

Walk to Run, Feelgood 5K &10K Training Programs

Group training sessions are coach-led and can include a variety of fun group exercises & advice to help you build up your fitness to be able to safely run to the goal you’re working towards.  These sessions will challenge you in a fun way & help you get the most out of your program.

Is it possible to try it out to see if your group is a good fit for me?
Yes. You’re welcome to come run with us to try us out, for free. We’ll do our best to match you up with a training group that suits your level and needs. Just shoot us an email at and we’ll set you up.  
I’m a beginner and I haven’t done much running (but I want to), can I still join?
Absolutely!  We have beginners joining us at every level.  We have beginners who are completely new to running or fitness joining us in the Walk to Run, Feelgood 5K & Feelgood 10K programs.  We also have beginners who are new to long consistent running & distance training in our Marathon program.  Seriously, we have beginners at every level.
I’m SO slow (no really) and worried I won’t be able to keep up. Is this the right group for me?
Yes.  We have runners at every speed in all our different levels.  No matter how slow you go (turtle pace is totally legit), you’re welcome to join us.
I’m an experienced runner and train at a very fast pace. Is this group right for me?
If you’re a fast one the best match for you would be in our Saturday full & ½ marathon program.  We have several pace groups & our front runners usually train around 5 min/km.
Do I have to attend training every week?
No, but we highly recommend that you join us as often as possible.  How else will you benefit from the wisdom & camaraderie of our awesome community? ;)  Besides, we’ll miss you!  Of course, you’ll still have your structured training plan to follow on your own.  And we love seeing pics of your runs in our online community when you’re away travelling or doing a solo run.  Meeting with your group on another day is also often an option.
Your training programs are longer than other ones around. Why is that? Do I really need to take 20 weeks to prepare for an event?

Great question, our programs are different by design and no matter what level you’re at we focus on building a solid foundation first before increasing intensity, frequency or duration.
Here’s why:

1) We want you to develop lasting habits.  Although you can train for a short period of time, those results don’t usually last.  Habits are built over time & we help provide the accountability to ensure your new running habit – sticks.  With crash diets or extreme fitness or weight loss programs the habits rarely stick, nor do the results.  We don’t sell quick results, we sell lasting ones.

2)  We want you to love running and for that love affair to last.  Most runners will tell you their true love for running didn’t happen overnight or in 10 weeks or at a boot-camp-style crash course.  It happened gradually over time.  We help you ease into running so that love happens gradually & naturally.  We want you to love running so you’ll want to keep it up for life.

3) We want to help you reduce your chances of injury.  Most injuries happen when runners of any level do too much too soon.  If you rush into it – you get hurt.  That’s why we recommend taking the time to develop a solid foundation first, followed by gradual progression.  This allows your body to better adapt to the demands of “pounding the pavement”.  If done carefully and gradually our bodies get healthier & stronger – ready to take on more.  And with no breaks to recover from injuries – you’re more likely to keep up with your running habit.

Do you participate in running events during the training season that help us prepare for our goal events? And is the race entry included?

We definitely suggest practice events as part of your training and preparation for your goal event.  We sometimes choose events to participate in as a team and other times we suggest ones that you could do on your own or with others in your group.
In the Spring/Summer training season, we participate in the Dam tot Dam running event.  You’re responsible for purchasing your own entry to the event.

What if I’m STILL not sure which program is right for me?
No problem, just send us an email at or call us at 0606 4113 4557. We’d be happy to discuss your individual needs & concerns and help you find the perfect place for you to get started.

Let go of your expectations & run with us.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Join Us

And stick to the couch, the gym or your solo routine.


You prefer exercise that's grueling.

If it’s fun, you’re not working hard enough. You crave torturous training sessions with ex-military trainers who point out every little flaw & demand you respond with “Yes, sir!” Perfection. Is. Everything. Now drop & give me 20.


You hate a challenge.

Your comfort zone is a cushioned space of blissful ignorance that you work hard to maintain.  The closest you come to personal growth & development is watching a rerun of Oprah.


You’re busy.

You’ve got an important career.  A loving family.  You volunteer & you’re on at least ½ a dozen committees.  Making the time & space to invest in your health & fitness…well, something has to come last.  At least you eat your vegetables.


You LOVE to exercise indoors.

Nothing makes you want to run faster than the smell of stinky feet & human sweat.  And if you get there before Susan, you’ll score the treadmill by the window, with the same view day, after day, after day.  Who wants fresh, cool air, changing cityscapes or beautiful vistas?


You're friends & family talk running.

They LOVE to hear about your training & totally GET your love for the sport.  They NEVER say things like, “You’re training for a marathon?  That’s cool.  I ran a 5k marathon once.”  Or “Oh, you ran a marathon?  Good for you!  How long did it take?  4 hours, is that, like, a good time?”


You’re not worried about injuries.

Your plan is just to wing it & see what happens.  If you overdo it, end up in agony & unable to walk, it’s no problemo.  You’ve got insurance AND it’s a good excuse to stay home from work.


You don’t need a coach.

You taught yourself how to play tennis by just hitting a ball around.  You learned to swim by just jumping in the water.  And besides if you DO have a question you can always just Google it, right?


You're antisocial.

Meeting new people and making new friends is NOT your jam. 


You’re a lone wolf.

You prefer to train solo week after week.  Knocking out a 30 minute, 1 hour, or even 2 hour run with nothing but your own thoughts for company is the way you like to roll.


You don’t want to be a runner.

That runner’s high that people talk about — it’s probably a myth.  Feeling fit & having loads of energy — all of the time can be accomplished with several cups of coffee & a cold beer (or bottle of wine).  In fact, I hear they even have chewable caffeine now.

Silje says, “Anything is possible with a plan, dedication & a dash of stubbornness…your body is capable of way more than you can ever imagine.”

It takes many steps to achieve your goals.

But it only takes one step to begin.

Let go of your expectations & run with us.