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House of Running is a diverse tribe of everyday people doing extraordinary things. Read real stories from people just like you and get inspired to take the first step.

“I’m super happy with House of Running! I never thought I’d actually start liking running. I was not allowed to run as a kid and subsequently never ran more than 1 kilometer in my life. Now I can do 5! So I’d say House of Running definitely works!”

Jana – Czech Republic

“My one and only tip would be to join House of Running. Don’t even think about it and just do it. The coaches are amazing. The group is amazing. It seems like a lot of hard work preparing for a marathon but for me it was all fun. Even if you don’t want to train for a marathon, if you want to start and enjoy running, joining House of Running will be a smart thing to do.

Amit – India

“I thought I’d end up giving up. But now I can run 10k nonstop!!! Running together makes us stronger. Sometimes you think of giving up but having someone next to you, sharing your pace, really encourages you to move on. I would recommend this program to everyone who likes running or wants to start. You guys rock!”

Luli – Brazil

“Before I joined, the longest run I ever did was 12 kilometers. I used to think that was already unbelievable. Nowadays I say things like, ‘only 12 kilometers, that’s nothing!’ While with House of Running, I ran my first FULL marathon! I’ve now run 3. I couldn’t have done any of it alone! I have learned a lot from the amazing coaches and experienced runners who are members of the group. I am looking forward to each new season, new challenges and new medals.”

Anna – Poland

“Without doubt House of Running has helped with my success, and having a better programme than the free apps I was trying to use before. The group works for the same reason that personal training works it’s much harder to break a promise you have made to other people, than it is to break a promise to yourself. Running with a group makes you realise that everyone has a different natural pace, and faster isnt necessarily better – age, environment, health all have a part to play.”

Bryony – UK

“Working with Laurie at House of Running has turned my life around. I am now so much stronger, I am able to run 5K nonstop, and I’ve lost about 11 kg in our first 12 weeks working together. My main goal was to lose weight (which I’ve done!), but that has become less important, as I am beginning to like running more and more. Discovering that it can be fun to run and fun to work on your fitness will change your life.”

Erik – Netherlands

I love running but always thought that people running marathons were crazy. I didn’t think it was possible for me until I joined House of Running and heard all the stories from other members of the community. It made me want to try and I don’t regret it. The marathon itself…I just LOVED it. I seriously enjoyed every single bit of it.”

Maud – France

I love the support, the company, the mutual respect, the tips to run better, the tips to stay healthy, the tips to deal with injury, the fact that truly everybody can join and run, the international aspect…  The best way to describe it is to say it feels like a family. It’s a fun group and you’ll get the support you need to reach whatever goal you set, regardless if it’s an 8K (yes are some runners training for a 120K event), to run a marathon in under 6 hours, or just to finish.”

Hans – Netherlands

“I think it was very important to be patient and never give up. In the end, all the goals that I have set — from 10 miles, a half marathon and now two full marathons — I have been able to achieve them thanks to House of Running.”

David – Mexico

“Since joining House of Running, I’ve run 4 marathons, I have run 10k in less than 55 mins and I am now much fitter. This is a group for runners who do not take themselves or the sport too seriously but who want to have fun, achieve a running goal and meet new people.”

Emma – UK

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