house of running-02 (2)For the past year and a half it’s been my mission to spread the love of running and to grow running community in Amsterdam.  I wanted to bring marathon & half marathon training to the average person, to the recreational runner, and the non-runner.  I hoped to make marathon & half marathon training a fun, social experience—one that became part of a healthy lifestyle.

Thus far, it’s taken off with great speed!  I founded Amsterdam Fit in 2012 and we grew to over 50 members in our first season and more than 60 members in our second training season.  To make room for growth and the inclusion of new ideas, I’ve moved on to starting a new organization under a new name in 2013, the House of Running.  With a new name, new look, and new offers, I hope that the running community I’ve built continues to thrive.

I have ceased to operate under the name of Amsterdam Fit, but from now on you can find me and all the training I offered at Amsterdam Fit, here at House of Running.  Join our newsletter for more details on the new arrivals and offers at the House of Running.  There are good things to come!

With much love & running,


Read more about how House of Running got started.


Laurie is an endurance athlete, a professional running coach & lifestyle coach, and the founder of House of Running. She helps people make running part of their healthy lifestyle through on-on-one coaching and fun group training programs. Read more about Laurie here.

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