Running events & races in and near Amsterdam


  • FREE RUN in the City – House of Running hosts a series of runs around town that include a bit of sight-seeing and socializing.  Runs last about 30 – 45 minutes. All levels are welcome.  The run is free.  Plus, at the end of our run you can join for a post-run drink or snack.  Check here for dates, times, and locations.
  • Free Friday Night Run – Every 2nd Friday of the month, join a free 1-hour or 45-minute run organized by Phanos.  Pacers will set the tempo for a 1-hour run from 9 km/hr to 13 km/hr.  For starters, there is a group of 40 – 45 minutes at an easy pace.  Meet at 7:30 inside the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.  Afterward, stay for a drink at the Phanos cub house.  Join in!  It’s fun!
  • RokjesdagloopApril – A 5 or 10 km run just for ladies, plus a 1 km family run in the Amsterdam Science Park.  It’s great fun for all types of runners–starters, occasional runners, experienced runners, etc.
  • Leiden Marathon – May –  Starting in the picturesque city center of Leiden, this race is a charmer.  There is a marathon, half marathon, 10K and 5K race.  The locals hang out outside their homes to cheer you on as you go by, and there is plenty to see along the way to keep you interested.
  • MarikenloopMay – Ladies, here’s another race for you.  there is a 5K and 10K distance.  The places sell out quickly, so sign up early.  Many ladies also choose to run this race for charity.
  • Dam tot DamloopSeptember – The biggest running event in the Netherlands!  This event is loads of fun and full of lots of entertainment.  It has a few distances to choose from.  10 miles is the popular choice, but there is also a 4 mile run.  Places sell out in a matter of minutes, so if you want a spot, you must act fast, join a running club, join a charity, or create a business team with your colleagues.
  • Amsterdam MarathonOctober – At this event you have your choice of a full marathon, half marathon, or 8 km race.  Runners finish in the grand 1928 Olympic Stadium, making everyone feel like a winner.  This is a great event to try!
  • Olympic StadionloopMid November – A 5 or 10K race from the Olympic stadium and back, taking you to the scenic Amsterdamse Bos.  If you missed the Olympic Stadium finish at the Amsterdam Marathon, here’s another opportunity for an Olympic-style moment.
  • ZevenheuvelenloopMid November – They say there are seven hills, but we counted less.  Either way, it’s a beautiful course along a winding road, exploring both city and nature.  This is one of the only 15K races in the Netherlands and places go very quickly.
  • Egmond Half MarathonMid January – An absolute all time favorite!  This race gives you beach, dunes, and plenty of challenge.  There is a half and quarter marathon distance.  You must travel by train and then bus to get to the small beach town of Egmond aan Zee, but it’s well worth the trip. (pictured above)
  • Vondelparkloop – Taking place in late January, this race adds some spice to your regular Vondelpark strolls.  You have the choice of running 3 km, 6.7 km, or 10 km. It’s well organized and brings a nice crowd of people.  In 2013, it was a beautiful wintery run through the snow-covered park.  It’s a great local race, one you’d surely enjoy!
  • Groet Uit Schoorl – Mid February –  This race has a 10K, half marathon or 30K distance.  In mid February, expect chilly weather and snow on the ground.  This course wraps thorough the hills and dunes of the beach town Schoorl, a beautiful place.  If you don’t mind the cold and like a bit of a challenge, you’ll love this race! (pictured below)


What’s your favorite race in the Netherlands?  Let us know in the comments below.

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