Running the Dam tot Dam for a good cause?  We support that!  Running for yourself is great, but running for a cause can be even better. 

It all sounds very rewarding, but fundraising and training can be hard work.  We’d like to help you make it a bit easier and much more fun! 

If you have a charity place in the Dam tot Damloop and you would like to join us for our next training season that starts 4 May 2013, we would be happy to jump-start your fundraising by donating €50 to your cause.  This offer is good until 3 May.

Interested?  Please contact us for more details.

dam tot dam charity donation

Thanks to Coach Peter for making this possible!

Laurie Villarreal

Laurie’s an accomplished endurance athlete and has been running since 1998. She’s the founder of House of Running and a professional Running Coach, a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Health & Wellness Coach. Laurie’s trained and worked with nearly 1000 runners since 2010. She’s a master in her field with over 10,000 hours of run coaching experience. Laurie helps ambitious professionals make running part of their healthy lifestyle through on-on-one online coaching and fun group training programs. She has a unique holistic approach to running, helping her runners think beyond running to realize their running dreams. Click here to find out how to work with Laurie in one-on-one online coaching.

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