Running the Dam tot Dam for a good cause?  We support that!  Running for yourself is great, but running for a cause can be even better. 

It all sounds very rewarding, but fundraising and training can be hard work.  We’d like to help you make it a bit easier and much more fun! 

If you have a charity place in the Dam tot Damloop and you would like to join us for our next training season that starts 4 May 2013, we would be happy to jump-start your fundraising by donating €50 to your cause.  This offer is good until 3 May.

Interested?  Please contact us for more details.

dam tot dam charity donation

Thanks to Coach Peter for making this possible!


Laurie is an endurance athlete, a professional running coach & lifestyle coach, and the founder of House of Running. She helps people make running part of their healthy lifestyle through on-on-one coaching and fun group training programs. Read more about Laurie here.

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