Meet the people who keep us running.

Running is for Everyone

We believe that running is for everybody, no matter your age, size, shape or speed. We decide on running goals—anything from running 5K to a marathon—and support each other in achieving them. We encourage one another to be committed, not competitive. And we help each other become the runners we want to be. Together.

Running is Fun.

We’re a diverse community with members from all over the world. Our members share goals, experiences, stories and laughs. We’re all about good vibes, health and happiness. Oh, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Why run if it’s not fun?

Running is Extraordinary.

We love running. But what we really love is to surprise ourselves.  To step outside our comfort zone and discover something new. To challenge perceptions. To transform ourselves by taking the right actions and by surrounding ourselves with the right people. To do the extraordinary. And to inspire others to do the same.

Welcome to House of Running

We’re so glad you found us.
Now let’s go #doextraordinary.  Together.

Notice something new?

Our new look is the next step in the evolution of House of Running.

We like to keep things moving, so we thought it was time for a new visual identity that makes a statement about who we are. Our new logo symbolizes the runner’s path. Running has its ups and downs, but together we inspire each other to stay on track and keep moving forward. We chose a custom typeface that’s softer and more rounded; we like to think it reads as friendly and welcoming, not hard or aggressive. And our bright new colors are just… well, fun.
Brand new look, same kick-ass community. We hope you like what you see.

Meet our team

The people who keep us running.

Our coaches and team have an infectious love for running and an innate ability to inspire, educate, and motivate each and every one of us. We think they’re awesome and we know you will too.





Meet our charities

Building stronger communities

We believe in building stronger communities for a better world.  We not only want to build this for our runners and aspiring-runners to realize their dreams, we also want to expand our help and support to build stronger communities worldwide.


Running has an extraordinary power to transform.  So let’s harness that power to better ourselves while bettering our world.


Going forward, we’ll be extending our love and support to local charities who touch our heart.  Each year we’ll choose a charity or charities and House of Running will support them by donating 5% of all membership fees.  Should you choose, members can also give additional support by making a donation at sign up or by raising money throughout training with our team charity page.

This year we chose Stichting Tegenkracht.


Stichting Tegenkracht is a Dutch organisation that helps individuals with cancer and cancer survivors meet their fitness goals both during and after treatment, including endurance sport goals such as competing in half marathons, marathons and triathlons. Tegenkracht’s vision is that by 2020 all cancer patients will have the opportunity to rehabilitate through sports.

We invite you to check them out and help with your support.

Meet our founder

The woman who started it all.

House of Running was founded by Laurie Villarreal.  

Laurie has been a long distance runner since her early 20s. For years, Laurie couldn’t find her place among the groups of super-speedy or uber-competitive types. She believed that running could be fun, social and accessible to everyone, not just the super-serious and super-fit athletes.  She wanted to train with others who ran for health and didn’t take running too seriously–people who liked to run and have fun. She believed she wasn’t alone.  So when she couldn’t find her tribe, she decided to start her own.  A few years later, House of Running was born.  

Today, it’s a thriving international community of amazing runners.

Join our team

Inspire a global community.

Do you believe running is fun, running is for everybody and that all runners are extraordinary?  Are you passionate about running and do you naturally inspire those around you to start running or take their running to the next level?  Do you want to be part of a fun, dynamic running community with an international vibe?

We’re looking for coaches, assistant coaches, and volunteers to help lead our running programs and community, both in person and online.  If you’re interested in joining us online or in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and you answered yes to all of the questions above, click the link below find our more and apply.

Want to bring House of Running to your town? 

Join us as a host and start your own local running community.  Click the link below to find out more and apply.

Meet our runners

Our community’s heart and soul

Don’t believe you can do it? Neither could these people.  Check out how they got inspired to run and what extraordinary things they’ve accomplished since then.

“My one and only tip would be to join House of Running. Don’t even think about it and just do it. The coaches are amazing. The group is amazing. It seems like a lot of hard work preparing for a marathon but for me it was all fun. Even if you don’t want to train for a marathon, if you want to start and enjoy running, joining House of Running will be a smart thing to do.

Amit – India

“Before I joined, the longest run I ever did was 12 kilometers. I used to think that was already unbelievable. Nowadays I say things like, ‘only 12 kilometers, that’s nothing!’ While with House of Running, I ran my first FULL marathon! I’ve now run 3. I couldn’t have done any of it alone! I have learned a lot from the amazing coaches and experienced runners who are members of the group. I am looking forward to each new season, new challenges and new medals.”

Anna – Poland

“I think it was very important to be patient and never give up. In the end, all the goals that I have set — from 10 miles, a half marathon and now two full marathons — I have been able to achieve them thanks to House of Running.”

David – Mexico

“Since joining House of Running, I’ve run 4 marathons, I have run 10k in less than 55 mins and I am now much fitter. This is a group for runners who do not take themselves or the sport too seriously but who want to have fun, achieve a running goal and meet new people.”

Emma – UK

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