running in amsterdam

The city is flat, the air is clean, and the parks are always green.

Amsterdam is one of the best places in the world for runners, with many jogging paths that take you in and around the city. The best part is that there are always new details for you to discover.


Now one of the hippest places in town, Westerpark used to be an industrial area. It has undergone a massive transformation, but the old factory buildings were kept and today host cafés, bars, neighborhood markets and many cultural events.

When it comes to jogging, most people choose to run along the main path, but don’t think that’s all that Westerpark has to offer. Cross the train tracks and follow the road that goes to the Buurtboerderij, go around the community gardens or even make a loop around the modern Sloterdijk train station. No matter the season, you will be enchanted by beautiful Dutch landscapes and the occasional bunny.

Rembrandt Park + Vondelpark

One of the most popular jogging paths for Amsterdammers is the Vondelpark, with its perfectly landscaped architecture, green parrots, and central location. One lap around the park is about 3.6 km.

If you’re like me, laps around even the nicest park can get boring. So here’s what you can do to unfold your route:

Run all the way to the West end of the park, cross the street and go straightforward another few hundred meters. Then follow the bicycle path to the right and you will enter the Rembrandt Park. If you feel adventurous, you can go all the way to Erasmus Park. A complete Vondelpark-Rembrandtpark-Erasmuspark lap is 10 km.

Het Amsterdamse Bos

The Amsterdamse Bos is the most accessible natural area around Amsterdam. If you start in Vondelpark, all you have to do is go south down the Amstelveenseweg and past the Olympic Stadium. Follow the cycling path that goes through the tram depot and from there it’s straight to the forest.

Once you’re there, you can either run a lap around the water called the Bosbaan, racing the canoers (they always win) or get lost through the many winding paths of the forest. It’s a 5 km lap all the way around.  My tip is to run through the Jachthaven on early, foggy mornings. It’s magical.


A route that is less green but stunning nevertheless starts at the Central Station and goes along the water, towards the East, all the way to Zeeburg. While you won’t see many trees along the way, running by the water is extremely peaceful and the small streets of Zeeburg are lovely. I always enjoy seeing the simple architecture and spying through huge windows into people’s perfectly designed homes. All the way there and back is 7km.


Another one of the very popular Amsterdam running path follows the Amstel River. It’s very close to the water and passes by the entrance doors of many lovely house boats. If you’re up for an 18 km run, you can go along the river through the Amstel Park and all the way to the  beautiful village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.